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Arnaud Pro de golf

Arnaud Poard

"My goal for Provence Golf School is to share a drive and determination to get more people into the golf, nevertheless the age." 

+33 6 21 28 67 97

Loic Pro de golf

Loïc Kluczynski

"Sharing my experience and know-how with others is my passion and my profession."

+33 6 61 35 58 17 

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Our philosophy

Provence Golf School is a made to measure golf school led by two professionals who will accompany you in your golf progress in a beautiful Var valley.

What drives us and give meaning to our profession are the following principles.

Share the passion for golf

We teach and share our technical skills but also the passion for this marvellously subtle sport, which combines relaxation and concentration, distance and precision, slowing and extreme speed !

Golf is a sport played over a vast outdoor space, that requires physical and mental readiness. It is a worthwhile source of exercise, as well as diversion for the mind. Golf is also a fantastic and sociable game, that can be practiced at any age with friends, in couple or in a family. Its ethics are based on courtesy, a valuable quality in a daily life.

Make the game accessible to everyone

Golf is a sport that combines physical activity, development of motor skills, reflection and concentration. It can be practiced at any age, from 4 to over 90... That is why it is essential to make golf accessible to as many people as possible, through an offer adapted to all levels and all budgets.

We accompany you in your progress

From the beginning through each step of the development, each player has our full attention. While combining pleasure and progress we adapt our teaching to every player.

Are you a beginner who has never set a foot on grass but want to learn how to swing ? We would guide you through your golf journey, helping you to embrace the dynamics of the game and assuring a fulfilling experience. Are you an experienced player wishing to refine your game ? While maintaining the strengths of your swing, we would coach you on variety of topics and make you experiment with new
techniques to improve your performance in the field.

Is your child dreaming of discovering the golf ? Our golf school welcomes the children from 7 years old to 18 years old. Wednesdays and Saturdays our schools offers the youngest ones a complete course to become quickly autonomous.

We offer you unforgettable experience

In a privileged setting in the heart of Provence, in one of the most beautiful golf course in Hexagon, we offer you a training which is based on our knowledge and experience. All this in an ambience of relaxation and friendliness.

We use numerous educational and the newest technological tools like Trackman and video analysis software to improve your game.

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