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Arnaud Pro Golf St Endreol

Arnaud started playing golf at the age of 8, in Picardie. He played as an amateur in the second national division team, L’Ailette. He participated in many federal Grand Prix and French junior championships.

Very early he has decided to turn his passion into profession, by enrolling in Federal School of Vichy to become a pro in 2000. Under the advice of his coach and mentor Ken Strachan, he participated in the professional circuit representing Alps Tour from 2003 to 2005.

Arnaud became a professional coach in the golf Saint-Etienne in 2006, where he accompanied the amateur players and teams at the national level. With the official title Coach of the Loire Departmental Committee, Arnaud joined the professional team of Rhône-Alpes league in charge of selecting and training the best junior players.

At the same time, he worked as a technical and educational consultant for Federal School of Vichy to train the future golf coaches. He is also a member of the national jury for the entry selection and certification of future pro golf teachers.

In love with green Provence, Arnaud moved to the region of Var with his family in 2014. In 2019, he joined the Saint Endréol golf course, where he meets Loic. Together they came up with an initiative to redesign the dynamics of golf courses and to create the School of Golf.

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